Elevate Your Online Aura: PR Hacks for Freelance Artists in 2023

Cheyenne Muse| Graphic Design Major & PR Minor

In the digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for freelance artists to showcase their work, connect with their audience, and build their personal brand. Fostering an authentic brand image is essential for success in 2023’s competitive landscape. In this blog post, I’ll explore six public relations (PR) tips to help freelance artists cultivate an authentic brand image on social media.

As a graphic designer and studio artist, It has taken me years to begin to develop my own artist persona on social media under my handle @CheyMuseArt. Although still a work-in-progress, I have really focused on posting a wide range of art I create, even if the pieces aren’t extravagant or finalized– this includes sketches, moments in time when I am creating, and studies done before the final artwork. It has been important to me to show my fun personality, include little quirky jokes in my caption, and even post Instagram stories of moments of my life that don’t necessarily have anything to do with art. I want to show I’m a human behind the screen.

1. Define Your Artistic Identity

Before you can effectively communicate your brand on social media, you must define your artistic identity. What makes your work unique? What themes, styles, or techniques are your signature? Take the time to identify your niche and the essence of your art.

For example, your resume and cover letter are a great way to showcase your creative vision. Pick a font and design that reflects your personality and showcases your skills. You don’t need to just say what you can do on your resume—show it!

2. Showcase Your Creative Process

One of the most compelling aspects of following an artist on social media is getting a glimpse into their creative process. Share behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and stories that highlight how you bring your art to life. This not only humanizes your brand but also allows your audience to connect with you on a deeper, more personal level. Examples of posts could include:

  • Workspace
  • Work in Progress
  • Tools and Materials
  • Inspiration
  • Personal Moments
  • Challenges
  • Collaborations

3. Share Your Artistic Journey

Your artistic journey is a story worth telling and shows the many triumphs you have endured. Share your successes and challenges, your inspirations, and the lessons you’ve learned along the way. This personal touch humanizes your brand and helps your audience connect with you as a person, not just as an artist.

Something I like to do is post pictures of myself sitting at my workspace and show what products I’m using. It shows that I will not always look the most glamorous while painting or drawing– I actually have horrible posture and like to laugh at myself! If you’re looking for more examples of artists who constantly share their journey, artist and Youtuber Baylee Jae frequently posts vlogs of her daily life, struggles, and behind-the-scenes of her latest projects.

4. Consistency in Visual Branding

Consistency is key when it comes to your visual branding. Use a consistent color palette, typography, and logo across all your social media profiles. This uniformity reinforces your brand identity and makes your content instantly recognizable. Remember to update your profiles with high-quality, professional images of your artwork.

When I first started my Instagram, I was posting pictures of my art lying on random tables. It was clear that the photos were just quick snapshots from my phone and didn’t contain much planning. Now, I make sure to set up my art in aesthetically pleasing environments, or I make sure to edit it so that there aren’t random borders around the canvas/paper.

5. Engage Authentically with Your Audience

Social media is a two-way street. Make it a creative journey! Respond to comments with enthusiasm, like you’re at a fancy art party. Thank your followers with virtual high-fives and fist bumps. Invite them to co-create by asking for their ideas and feedback. It’s like hanging with friends at an art festival—real, fun, and full of artistic synergy. Show genuine interest in your followers’ feedback and questions and they’ll show even more interest in you. Authentic engagement fosters a sense of community and loyalty.

You are a business, but YOU get to choose how your personal tone sounds. You don’t have to sound like you’re replying as a monotone robot. I like to use emojis or text emoticons to show my excitement and gratefulness!

6. Be Transparent About Sales and Commissions

If you sell your artwork or offer commissions, be transparent about your pricing and the process. Clearly communicate how interested buyers can make a purchase or request a commission. Transparency builds trust with your audience and ensures that potential customers feel comfortable doing business with you. One way to ensure proper communication is to keep your email and direct messages open for questions, comments, and concerns. The direct messages feature of Instagram can be an efficient way to gain business, however, watch out for bots.

Something I like to do is mention in captions that some of my artworks were commissioned. This not only shows reliability that you will successfully get a commission done, but it also shows what you are capable of selling. Just make sure the recipient is okay with you sharing their requested piece! An artist that is very transparent about the pricing of their art is @KnittedForest on Instagram– where they even include shipping fees.


In 2023, freelance artists have a golden opportunity to establish their brand and reach a global audience via social media. To succeed, prioritize authenticity – the foundation of trust and differentiation. Whether you’re revealing your creative process, engaging with followers, or sharing your artistic journey, authenticity should be your social media bedrock.

In this age of creativity, your unique brand narrative thrives when it’s genuinely you – your artistic signature and your authentic connection with your audience. Blend professionalism and personal authenticity to craft your online presence, staying true to your artistic essence while unlocking a world of creative and financial possibilities.

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